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Our Mission

What We Stand For:

Our primary goal is to facilitate an environment where people can be free to experience God’s grace as expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, and to co-operate with the Holy Spirit in bringing healing and restoration to our lives and to others.

Our core values are:

Worship   A generous portion of time is allowed for praise and worship, as God’s Presence, as manifested through the Holy Spirit is central to all we do.  It is as we look to Him in faith that we “find strength to help in time of need,” and that “the eyes of our hearts are enlightened” to know God’s goodness, and His love and power towards us.

Honor of People   To “love one another as Jesus loves us” is central as God calls us into communion with His Church.  It is through relationships that we learn to love and are formed into Christ’s image. We face this challenge with humility and with the grace that God provides, knowing that all of us are in a process.

Honor our Gifts We are all part of the same body, but we all have a different function. We welcome the diversity of expressions of the love of God, and hope that each person is free to share their gift, participating with the Holy Spirit in encouraging, comforting and building up one another.    

Pursuit of Healing  The Lord is our Shepherd, and He restores our soul. Christ came to destroy the works of the enemy, and we have been commissioned to do the same.  Christ promised that we would do even greater things than He did!  Therefore we seek healing for the physical, spiritual and emotional wounds of all.

Organic Growth We are organisms and not machines. As we abide in the vine we bear fruit naturally in season. The grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ provides for us an endless supply of love, peace and spiritual energy we need for this journey.